Vinyl fence vs wood fence in south florida

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing Over Wood Fencing

A common question to ask is “Should You Buy a Vinyl Fence or a Wood Fence?” When buying vinyl fence from PVC Fence Wholesale for your next South Florida fencing project, you can be 100% assured that you’re getting the highest quality materials that currently exist on the market. Our product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from America’s leading vinyl fencing profile extruder – VEKA, and simply blows all of our competitors out of the water in terms of integrity and chemical composition. Wood fencing materials on the other hand are generally purchased from Home Depot or Lowe’s, and are not backed by any warranty what-so-ever. It may look great the first couple months, but once nature starts to take over  you begin fighting a losing battle, and the cost of maintaining your wooden fence will begin to dwarf the initial cost of a new vinyl fence.

Top three pro’s of installing a vinyl fence on your South Florida property.

1. Vinyl Fence Holds up to the South Florida Elements

South Florida weather can be extremely temperamental. The fact that vinyl fence is practically immune to the scorching heat, dense humidity and sporadic rainfall make it a perfect choice for installation in Florida properties.

2. Ultra-Low Maintenance Required

Vinyl fencing profile surfaces are not porous, and therefore, do not collect dirt and grime as easily as other styles of fence. Our high quality virgin vinyl materials won’t yellow or deteriorate over time like other manufacturers, and you’ll never have to re-paint or re-stain the surface. A simple yearly cleaning keeps your fence looking fresh and new year after year.

3. Our Vinyl Profiles Last a Lifetime

When installing fence in Florida, it’s important to consider the fact most fencing materials tend to deteriorate over time. This is especially true if you live near the ocean; salty air can wreak havoc on the majority of common fences. When you purchase a Vinyl Fence from PVC Fence Wholesale, your new fence will be covered by a comprehensive limited lifetime manufacturers warranty – we are so certain of the integrity of our vinyl fencing profiles, that we guarantee a fence that lasts a lifetime, not just 10-20 years like most other companies.