South Florida Vinyl Fence Questions & Answers

  • Simply put, yes, all new vinyl fences and PVC fences installed in South Florida or Southwest Florida are required to be permitted prior to installation. Failure to file for and to obtain a permit for your new vinyl fence can result in fines from your city or county, removal of product, or total loss of all materials (if you’ve installed the wrong style).

    Properties that are replacing existing vinyl fence materials with the exact same type of vinyl fencing are also subject to permitting requirements. Always check with the building department that handles permitting for your South Florida county (some cities are not incorporated and are tied to county building departments) or city before choosing a fencing style and purchasing materials.

  • One of the best vinyl fence benefits is the fact that nearly anyone who has a basic understanding of tools, measurements, and construction can install a vinyl fence in South Florida. PVC Fencing components consist of posts, rails, pickets, and u-channel (for privacy); these pieces interconnect through routed holes or in the case of privacy fences, tongue & groove + pocket connections.

    In layman’s terms, vinyl fences simply snap or connect together requiring absolutely no tools for assembly. The most difficult part is measuring the correct distance from post center to post center, and then digging holes to set your vinyl fence posts in concrete. When purchasing your vinyl fence from PVC Fence Wholesale, ask a sales representative about the installation process for a complete walkthrough on do-it-yourself construction.

  • Here at PVC Fence Wholesale, we are masters of production, fabrication, and logistics for vinyl fencing in South Florida. We run a modern fence supply shop with state-of-the-art machinery, master fabricators with years of experience, and the largest fleet of delivery vehicles of any South Florida vinyl fence company. Our ability to produce and ship orders is second to none; and we pride ourselves on extreme efficiency, accuracy, and customer support. Most standard basic orders can be complete same day (sometimes same hour!) and can typically be shipped anywhere in South Florida shortly thereafter.

    However, there are periods where lead times can be limited by certain mitigating factors:

    • Availability of material, profiles used in style, or lead times from our material suppliers
    • Deliveries are dependent on our current schedule, sometimes same day or next day will not be possible
    • Certain times of the year are busier than others, order lead times may be limited by how many open orders are placed before yours
  • No – we are solely a vinyl fence supply company specialized in wholesale PVC fence panels, gates, profiles, accessories, and hardware to both residential and commercial clients located in South Florida and Southwest Florida. We do not install, have never installed, and will never install.

    Choices for vinyl fence installation are:

    • Buy our material and install it yourself
    • Contact local fence contractors and ask them if they buy or can buy the material from us for them to install for you
    • Ask our sales staff for a referral to local reputable fencing companies for installation of our product
  • PVC Fence Wholesale specially carries styles that come certified with a Notice of Acceptance & Miami-Dade County product approval for installation in South Florida HVHZ or hurricane zones. Even if you are no required to use these specific HVHZ panels, our standard panels are engineered to withstand 75 MPH windows and smaller impacts caused by hurricane winds. Learn more by contacting us and speaking to our sales representatives.

  • We have a cutting edge vinyl gate shop complete with CNC routers, industrial corner welding machines, ultra-precise saws & tooling, and master gate fabricators responsible for thousands of custom gates in their lifetimes.

    We are setup to make custom gates matching any style that corresponds with our catalogue of single widths up to 6’ and double gates up to 12’ with sliding gates available on special order for contractors. Simply tell us your opening, and special circumstances of the opening area, and we will craft a to fit in that area exactly. * Custom gate sizes are subject to additional charges.

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