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Fence Wholesale services all of Pompano Beach from our central Broward location in Dania Beach. We have a vast product inventory of quality PVC panels, PVC fence panels, and PVC welded gates; no matter what you need to complete your Pompano Beach vinyl fencing installation project, we are sure to carry it.

For decades, our founders and staff have sold and built a plethora of vinyl fences for installation in Pompano Beach. We’ve worked side by side with Pompano Beach fence companies and Pompano Beach homeowners to create some of the most impressive vinyl fence installations in South Florida.

All of our styles are made with premium vinyl fence profiles from several top manufacturers like Ply Gem and Veka.

We are proud of our work, and we constantly strive to improve and perfect our product, our customer service, and our brand reputation through consistently met high standard and practices.

We’ve sold vinyl fence to Pompano Beach for over 25 years

For more than two decades, our founders, our sales staff, and our customers have been directly involved with many of the vinyl fences you now see today on properties in Pompano Beach, FL.

Our Pompano Beach customers know that they can trust us to provide an unwaveringly high level of customer service and product quality when purchasing a vinyl fencing order from us.

Because of our experience in the Pompano Beach vinyl fence industry, we have a generally comprehensive understanding of the Pompano Beach building codes and permit requirements for vinyl fence installations.

We will make sure to guide you through you Pompano Beach vinyl fence project and we will ensure that everything works out according to the rules and laws in Pompano Beach.

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Buy Hurricane Safe Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence Materials in Pompano Beach, FL

Was your fence damaged by hurricane Ian? Repair or replace your vinyl fence with strong and safe vinyl hurricane fence panels, posts, gates, and more from PVC Fence Wholesale.

Pompano Beach fence installation projects can be costly, they are typically investments that are intended to last a lifetime, so it can be devastating to lose your fence to a hurricane. We sell a full line of premium grade PVC fence materials that are formulated to mitigate damage and to survive most typical Pompano Beach storms – we keep your investment safe by setting you up for success right from the start.

All our vinyl fence styles are engineer certified to withstand wind-loads of up to 75MPH, and our vinyl hurricane fence panels are built with specialized construction to last against even severe winds such as the recent Hurricane Ian in Southwest Florida.

In addition to our NOA (notice of acceptance) certified vinyl fence styles, we also carry many additional fortifications to strengthen any of our Pompano Beach fencing styles, for example:

  • Heavy wall vinyl posts
  • Aluminum I-beam post stiffeners
  • 2” x 7” picket rails
  • Screws to secure fence parts
  • Glue to secure fence post caps

Contact us today to get a FREE estimate on Pompano Beach vinyl hurricane fence panels, posts, gates, & more!

Everything you need to know about vinyl fence in Pompano Beach, FL

Welcome to the ultimate guide for vinyl fencing in Pompano Beach, FL! If you’re a homeowner looking for a durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing option, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right into why vinyl fencing is a superb choice for properties in Pompano Beach, a beautiful area known for its tropical climate and beachfront properties.

First off, let’s talk about durability. With the high humidity and salty air in Pompano Beach, you’ll want a fence that can stand the test of time. Unlike wood or metal, vinyl fencing is resistant to corrosion, fading, and warping. This makes it a perfect match for the local weather conditions.

Next up, the cost-effectiveness. While you might pay a bit more upfront, vinyl fencing pays off in the long run. How? It requires minimal maintenance. Say goodbye to the annual painting, staining, or rust removal. A quick hose down is often enough to keep your fence looking brand new, saving you time and money on upkeep.

Now, let’s not forget about the aesthetic appeal. Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to tailor the look to complement your property. Whether you’re going for a traditional white picket fence or something more contemporary, you’ve got options.

  • Style choices: From picket fences to privacy fences, you can choose a design that suits your needs.
  • Color options: Unlike wood, which can be hard to color-match over time, vinyl offers consistent hues that won’t fade away.

Lastly, installation. If you’re the DIY type, you’ll be pleased to know that vinyl fencing is relatively easy to install. However, for those who’d rather leave it to the pros, there are plenty of local contractors specializing in vinyl fence installations in Pompano Beach.

In a nutshell, if you’re in Pompano Beach, FL, and contemplating a new fence, vinyl should be at the top of your list. It’s durable, easy on the pocket in the long run, visually appealing, and a breeze to install and maintain. What more could you ask for in a fence?

Buy Wholesale Vinyl Fence Panels, Gates, Posts, Pickets, and Rails in Pompano Beach, FL

Why Go Wholesale? When you’re aiming to enhance the security and aesthetic appeal of your property in Pompano Beach, FL, buying wholesale vinyl fence materials offers a bounty of benefits. Contractors, property managers, and homeowners tackling extensive projects will find particular value in this approach.

Bulk Pricing: One of the primary advantages is the cost-efficiency of bulk purchases. By buying vinyl fence panels, gates, posts, pickets, and rails in wholesale, you can drastically reduce your per-unit costs. This is a savvy move that frees up your budget for other property improvements.

Swift Delivery: Time is money, and when you go wholesale, you usually enjoy expedited processing and delivery of your vinyl fencing products. No more extended waiting periods—get your fence up and ticking in record time.

How to Choose the Right Pompano Beach Vinyl Fence Supply Company

Decisions, decisions! The supplier you choose can make or break your fencing project. Here’s how to sift through your options:

  • Variety of Inventory: Look for companies with a broad range of options in vinyl fencing. Whether you are inclined towards classic white picket fences or want a privacy fence, they should have it all.
  • Customer Feedback: Use the goldmine that is customer reviews and testimonials. This will give you insights into the quality of materials and customer service you can expect.
  • Delivery & Logistics: A reliable vinyl fence supply company in Pompano Beach should offer efficient, hassle-free delivery. You don’t want to be waiting indefinitely for those essential components to arrive.

Finding a Vinyl Fence Supply Store Near You in Pompano Beach, FL

The good news is that Pompano Beach has a range of options when it comes to sourcing vinyl fencing supplies. A quick search engine query or a brief look through local directories can help you zero in on nearby suppliers. But location isn’t everything. You’ll also want to consider:

  • Stock Availability: Ensure that the store has ample supply of the styles and types of vinyl fencing you’re interested in.
  • Additional Services: Some stores offer installation assistance, which can be a godsend if you’re not the DIY type.

What is the Difference Between a Vinyl Fence Company and a Fence Supply Store in Pompano Beach, FL?

Navigating the world of vinyl fencing can get a little confusing with the terms ‘Vinyl Fence Company’ and ‘Fence Supply Store.’ Here’s the breakdown:

  • Vinyl Fence Company: Think of them as your one-stop solution. They handle everything from consultation and design to installation. You describe your needs, and they bring it to life.
  • Fence Supply Store: These establishments are your go-to for buying fencing materials, including vinyl fence panels, gates, posts, pickets, and rails. While they can offer valuable advice on the kind of fence you should install, their primary focus is on supplying the materials you need for the job.

Understanding these differences helps you make an informed choice tailored to your specific needs, whether you want a hands-on approach or are looking to purchase only the materials.

Best Vinyl Fencing Styles to Use in Your Pompano Beach, FL, Installation Project

When it comes to installing a vinyl fence in Pompano Beach, FL, style is more than just a cosmetic choice—it can also have functional implications. Whether you’re looking to enhance privacy, define boundaries, or add aesthetic appeal to your property, choosing the right style is crucial. Below are some popular vinyl fencing styles that not only look great but also serve specific purposes well-suited for homes and properties in Pompano Beach.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Style

Ideal for: Homeowners seeking maximum privacy and security

The Vinyl Privacy Fence style is an excellent choice for those who value their privacy. This fence style features panels that fit closely together, leaving no gaps through which prying eyes might peer. It’s a perfect option if you have a pool, a backyard entertaining space, or just want to keep your property private and secure. Given Pompano Beach’s sunny and often hot climate, a privacy fence can also provide some much-needed shade.

Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence Style

Ideal for: Those looking for a balance between privacy and airflow

Vinyl Semi-Privacy fences offer a compromise between complete seclusion and openness. These fences typically feature small gaps between the panels or pickets, allowing for better airflow and a less enclosed feeling than full privacy fences. This style is well-suited for properties in Pompano Beach where you might want a breeze to pass through while still maintaining a degree of privacy.

Vinyl Picket Fence Style

Ideal for: Adding charm and curb appeal to your property

Ah, the classic picket fence—a symbol of the American Dream. The Vinyl Picket Fence style brings charm and aesthetic appeal to any property. Though not as private as other styles, a picket fence can effectively demarcate property boundaries and is often used for front yards where complete privacy is not the primary concern. In Pompano Beach, this fence style can really make your property stand out, giving it that coastal, welcoming vibe.

Vinyl Ranch Rail Style

Ideal for: Large properties, farms, and horse pastures

The Vinyl Ranch Rail style is particularly popular for larger properties and is commonly used for delineating property boundaries rather than providing privacy or security. Characterized by its rustic look, the Ranch Rail style typically consists of two to four horizontal rails. It’s an ideal choice for horse pastures, farms, or any property aiming for a rustic or country aesthetic.

In conclusion, each vinyl fencing style offers its own unique set of benefits. Your choice will ultimately depend on your specific needs, the characteristics of your property in Pompano Beach, and the aesthetic look you desire. But whatever your needs, there’s a vinyl fence style that’s perfect for you.

Hardware and Accessories for Vinyl Fences and PVC Gates in Pompano Beach, FL

When you’re installing a vinyl fence or PVC gate in Pompano Beach, FL, the devil is in the details. The right hardware and accessories not only contribute to the durability and functionality of your fence or gate but also add finishing touches that make your property stand out. In this guide, we’re diving into essential hardware and accessories that will take your vinyl fence or PVC gate to the next level.

Vinyl Fence Hardware and Accessories

For a fence to truly meet your needs, you need more than just panels and posts. Here’s what to consider:

Rail End-Caps: These add a polished look to your vinyl fence by covering the exposed ends of your horizontal rails.

Vinyl Fence Glue: This specialized adhesive ensures that your rail end-caps, picket caps, and post caps stay securely in place through all kinds of weather.

Concrete Post Mounts: Especially crucial in Pompano Beach’s often stormy climate, concrete post mounts provide a sturdy foundation that helps your vinyl fence withstand high winds.

Hole Plugs: Ideal for filling pre-drilled holes that are not used, giving your fence a seamless finish.

Vinyl Fence Post Caps: These come in various styles including flat caps, gothic caps, New England caps, and federation caps. They’re not just decorative; they also protect the tops of your fence posts from water and debris.

Vinyl Picket Caps: These come in different sizes such as 7/8” x 3”, 7/8” x 1.5”, and 1.5” x 1.5”, adding a detailed finish to your pickets while offering some protection from the elements.

PVC Gate Hardware and Accessories

Gates serve as the entry and exit points to your enclosed areas, so their hardware needs special attention.

2” Wrap Around Gate Hinges: These provide reinforced strength and are designed to wrap around your PVC gate for added stability.

Standard Vinyl Gate Hinges and Self-Closing Gate Hinges: The former offer basic functionality, while the latter automatically close behind you, which is particularly useful for pool gates.

Standard and Double-Drive Gate Latches: Choose based on whether your gate is a single or double gate. A double-drive latch allows you to open and close the gate from either side.

Drop-Rods: These add extra stability to double gates by anchoring one side to the ground.

Gate Stops: Essential for preventing your gate from swinging too far inward or outward.

Handles: Often overlooked but vital for easy gate operation.

Vinyl Gate Pool Extension Latches: Designed to meet pool safety standards, these latches are positioned higher up on the gate, making them difficult for young children to reach.

Manufacturers: Quality matters. Look for reliable brands like D&D and Weldon to ensure you’re getting hardware that lasts.

By paying attention to these hardware and accessories details, you’ll not only extend the lifespan of your vinyl fence or PVC gate but also enhance its aesthetic and functional value. Trust us, in a place like Pompano Beach, FL where style and resilience go hand in hand, these details make all the difference.

Vinyl Fences for Pools, Dogs, Pets, and Children in Pompano Beach, FL

In sunny and family-oriented Pompano Beach, FL, the fencing needs can be quite specific. Whether you’re a pet owner, a parent, or simply someone who enjoys the luxury of a private pool, choosing the right fence is crucial. Let’s look at how vinyl fencing can be the perfect solution for your pool, dogs, pets, and children.

Fencing for Pools in Pompano Beach, FL

When it comes to pools, safety and privacy are the two pivotal factors you need to consider.

  • Privacy: Vinyl fences offer a solid, opaque barrier, giving you the seclusion you desire while taking a dip or sunbathing.
  • Safety Compliance: In Pompano Beach, you’re required to have a fence that meets specific safety regulations around swimming pools. Vinyl fencing not only meets these criteria but exceeds them, thanks to its durable and resilient nature.
  • Low Maintenance: Given that pools are water features, the fence surrounding them should be resistant to water damage. Vinyl excels in this regard, requiring only an occasional cleaning to maintain its appearance.

Tip: Opt for taller vinyl fences for maximum privacy and safety around your pool.

Keep Your Dogs and Pets Secure

If you’re a pet owner, a fence is a non-negotiable feature. Vinyl fencing is practically a pet owner’s dream for several reasons:

  • Security: Unlike chain-link or wooden fences that can be easily climbed by agile pets, vinyl offers a smooth surface that’s challenging for pets to scale.
  • Durability: Pets have a knack for finding the weak points in a fence. A vinyl fence is not only tough but also lacks the splinters or sharp points that could harm your pets.
  • Visibility Control: With vinyl, you can choose semi-private fences that allow your pets to see outside without getting too excited or stressed by external stimuli.

Children’s Safety and Your Peace of Mind

If you’ve got little ones running around, the last thing you want is for them to venture out into areas they shouldn’t. Vinyl fences are excellent for providing a safe, enclosed space for children to play in.

  • No Harmful Chemicals: Vinyl fences don’t require the paints, stains, or treatments that wood fences do, meaning they’re free from potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Smooth Surface: With no splinters or rough edges, vinyl fences are gentle on little hands that may try to climb them.
  • Visibility: The versatility of vinyl allows you to opt for fences with different levels of visibility, ensuring you can keep an eye on your children while they play.

So, whether you’re taking steps to secure your pool, keep your pets contained, or ensure your children’s safety, vinyl fencing emerges as an incredibly adaptable and reliable option in Pompano Beach, FL. Not only do they tick all the boxes in terms of functionality, but they also add aesthetic appeal to your property.

Frequently Asked Pompano Beach Vinyl Fence Questions

Navigating the world of fencing in Pompano Beach, FL can be overwhelming, especially when you’re considering a vinyl fence. To make your decision-making process easier, we’ve gathered and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about vinyl fences in this region.

Do I Need a Permit to Install a Vinyl Fence in Pompano Beach, FL?

In Pompano Beach, obtaining a permit is generally required for installing a new fence, and that includes vinyl fences. Local regulations specify the types of fences allowed, their maximum height, and other factors. Always check with your local municipality for the most current rules before proceeding with the installation.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Vinyl Fence in Pompano Beach, FL?

The cost of installing a vinyl fence in Pompano Beach can vary widely based on factors such as:

  • The length and height of the fence
  • The style and type of vinyl material
  • Labor costs, which could be higher in certain areas

On average, the cost can range from $20 to $40 per foot, including installation. For a more precise estimate tailored to your specific needs, it’s best to consult with a professional fence supply company.

Can You Repair Your Vinyl Fence?

Absolutely, vinyl fences are generally low maintenance but if damage occurs, individual sections, posts, or panels can often be replaced without having to replace the entire fence. It’s a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your fence.

What Vinyl Fence Colors Do You Sell?

Vinyl fences have come a long way from just the standard white. Today, you can find them in various shades including tan, gray, and even some wood-grain patterns to mimic the look of natural wood. Consult your local supplier for the full range of available options.

Do Vinyl Fences Block Noise?

While vinyl fences are not specifically designed for soundproofing, their solid construction can provide some level of noise reduction, making your backyard a more peaceful place.

Are Your Vinyl Fence Posts Reinforced?

Yes, many of our vinyl fence posts are reinforced with metal or wood inserts for added stability and strength. This is particularly useful in areas like Pompano Beach, FL, where high winds and storms are a concern.

How Do You Clean a Vinyl Fence?

Cleaning a vinyl fence is straightforward. Usually, a quick rinse with a garden hose will remove most dirt. For more stubborn stains, a mild detergent and a soft brush can be used.

Can You Install a Vinyl Fence on Top of Concrete?

Vinyl fences can be installed on top of concrete, but special measures such as using concrete post mounts are required. It’s advisable to consult a professional for such installations.

What is the Maximum Height of a Vinyl Fence in Pompano Beach, FL?

In Pompano Beach, FL, fence heights are generally restricted by local ordinances. For residential properties, the common maximum height is often around 6 feet, although it’s crucial to check local regulations.

Are All Pompano Beach Vinyl Fences the Same?

No, not all vinyl fences are the same. They can vary based on quality, thickness of the material, and other features like UV protection. It’s crucial to purchase from a reputable vinyl fence supply company to ensure you’re getting high-quality materials.

By now, you should have a well-rounded understanding of what vinyl fencing offers in Pompano Beach, FL. Remember, the key to a successful fence installation starts with choosing the right supply company. Feel free to reach out to us for any further queries or to get a customized quote for your project.

About Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach, FL is a bustling city located in Broward County along Florida’s southeastern coast. With an estimated population of over 110,000 people, the city is a vital part of the Miami metropolitan area. Established in the early 1900s, Pompano Beach has evolved from a quiet farming community into a lively urban hub with a variety of businesses, including tourism, technology, and of course, home improvement sectors like vinyl fencing.

Geographic Features of Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach boasts a stunning Atlantic Ocean coastline and lies conveniently between Miami and Palm Beach. This prime location makes it an attractive destination for both residents and businesses alike. The city’s geography offers opportunities for various outdoor activities, from boating and fishing to simply lounging on its pristine beaches.

Businesses in Pompano Beach, FL

The business landscape in Pompano Beach is as diverse as its population. The city’s location near key transport routes makes it a bustling center for commerce. Retail shops, restaurants, and professional services are abundant here. Home improvement and real estate also represent significant business categories, underlining the ongoing growth and development in Pompano Beach.

Given the sunny climate and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder that outdoor living enhancements, such as vinyl fences, are popular among homeowners and businesses in Pompano Beach. From providing security to enhancing aesthetic appeal, vinyl fences are a common sight around properties here.

Popular Communities in Pompano Beach, FL

The city is home to several thriving communities, each offering its unique charm and amenities. Some popular communities in Pompano Beach include:

  • Harbor Village: Known for its luxurious homes and access to deep-water docks.
  • Palm Aire: A community built around a golf course, offering a variety of real estate options.
  • Garden Isles: A residential area with a variety of home styles, many of which incorporate vinyl fencing for added privacy and aesthetic appeal.
  • Cypress Lakes: Primarily a gated community, Cypress Lakes offers a mix of single-family homes and condominiums.

Whether you’re a Pompano Beach native or looking to move into one of its popular communities, a vinyl fence could be the perfect addition to your property. For top-quality vinyl fences, look no further than our esteemed vinyl fence shop. Feel free to reach out for tailored recommendations and quotes.

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