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Fence Wholesale services all of Coconut Creek from our central Broward location in Dania Beach. We have a vast product inventory of quality PVC panels, PVC fence panels, and PVC welded gates; no matter what you need to complete your Coconut Creek vinyl fencing installation project, we are sure to carry it.

For decades, our founders and staff have sold and built a plethora of vinyl fences for installation in Coconut Creek. We’ve worked side by side with Coconut Creek fence companies and Coconut Creek homeowners to create some of the most impressive vinyl fence installations in South Florida.

All of our styles are made with premium vinyl fence profiles from several top manufacturers like Ply Gem and Veka.

We are proud of our work, and we constantly strive to improve and perfect our product, our customer service, and our brand reputation through consistently met high standard and practices.

We’ve sold vinyl fence to Coconut Creek for over 25 years

For more than two decades, our founders, our sales staff, and our customers have been directly involved with many of the vinyl fences you now see today on properties in Coconut Creek, FL.

Our Coconut Creek customers know that they can trust us to provide an unwaveringly high level of customer service and product quality when purchasing a vinyl fencing order from us.

Because of our experience in the Coconut Creek vinyl fence industry, we have a generally comprehensive understanding of the Coconut Creek building codes and permit requirements for vinyl fence installations.

We will make sure to guide you through you Coconut Creek vinyl fence project and we will ensure that everything works out according to the rules and laws in Coconut Creek.

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Buy Hurricane Safe Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence Materials in Coconut Creek, FL

Was your fence damaged by hurricane Ian? Repair or replace your vinyl fence with strong and safe vinyl hurricane fence panels, posts, gates, and more from PVC Fence Wholesale.

Coconut Creek fence installation projects can be costly, they are typically investments that are intended to last a lifetime, so it can be devastating to lose your fence to a hurricane. We sell a full line of premium grade PVC fence materials that are formulated to mitigate damage and to survive most typical Coconut Creek storms – we keep your investment safe by setting you up for success right from the start.

All our vinyl fence styles are engineer certified to withstand wind-loads of up to 75MPH, and our vinyl hurricane fence panels are built with specialized construction to last against even severe winds such as the recent Hurricane Ian in Southwest Florida.

In addition to our NOA (notice of acceptance) certified vinyl fence styles, we also carry many additional fortifications to strengthen any of our Coconut Creek fencing styles, for example:

  • Heavy wall vinyl posts
  • Aluminum I-beam post stiffeners
  • 2” x 7” picket rails
  • Screws to secure fence parts
  • Glue to secure fence post caps

Contact us today to get a FREE estimate on Coconut Creek vinyl hurricane fence panels, posts, gates, & more!

Everything you need to know about your Coconut Creek, FL vinyl fencing project

Welcome to the ultimate guide for everything you need to know about vinyl fences in Coconut Creek, FL. From buying wholesale vinyl fence panels, gates, posts, pickets, and rails, it’s crucial to understand how to choose the right supplier. When it comes to fencing solutions, understanding the difference between a fence company and a fence supply store can make or break your project. While a fence company offers installation services, a fence supply store provides the materials for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Whether you are contemplating your first fencing project or planning to upgrade, there are several styles that can complement Coconut Creek’s scenic environments. Popular vinyl fencing styles include Vinyl Privacy Fences, for those who value their seclusion, and Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fences which offer a balance between privacy and openness. The quaint Vinyl Picket Fence Style adds a traditional touch, while the Vinyl Ranch Rail Style is ideal for properties with larger outdoor spaces.

Accessories are like the icing on the cake. You can personalize your fence with hardware such as rail end-caps, vinyl fence glue, and concrete post mounts. Don’t forget the aesthetic details like vinyl fence post caps which come in various styles like flat cap, gothic cap, New England cap, and federation cap. For gates, you might consider options like 2” wrap around gate hinges or self-closing gate hinges, which are both functional and add to the aesthetic appeal.

Still debating whether vinyl is the right material for you? In Coconut Creek, vinyl fences stand out for their durability when compared to wood, aluminum, or metal fences like Durafence. They even fare well against chain link fences in terms of privacy and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, vinyl fences are an excellent choice for enclosing pools, keeping pets and children safe, and even providing some noise reduction.

Frequently asked questions include the need for a permit, cost factors, and maintenance tips. In Coconut Creek, a permit is generally required for fence installations. Costs can vary based on your chosen style and accessories. Vinyl fences are relatively low-maintenance, but some occasional cleaning might be needed. While all vinyl fences may look similar, factors like reinforced posts can significantly affect durability.

Lastly, don’t overlook the location-specific factors. Coconut Creek, with its vibrant community and diverse range of businesses, offers a unique backdrop for your fencing project. Whether you live in the heart of the city or one of its popular communities like Winston Park or Regency Lakes, a vinyl fence can be a valuable addition to your property.

So, ready to make an informed decision? We’re here to provide you with top-quality vinyl fencing solutions that meet your specific needs in Coconut Creek, FL.

Buy Wholesale Vinyl Fence Panels, Gates, Posts, Pickets, and Rails in Coconut Creek, FL

When you’re looking to fortify your property in Coconut Creek, FL, buying wholesale vinyl fence panels, gates, posts, pickets, and rails can offer you both quality and cost-effectiveness. Unlike retail options, wholesale purchasing allows you to buy directly from the supplier, cutting out middlemen and their markups. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to enhance your backyard or a contractor working on a large-scale project, wholesale options provide economies of scale. In Coconut Creek, the tropical climate can wreak havoc on other fencing materials, but vinyl stands up well to the elements, making it an ideal choice.

How to Choose the Right Coconut Creek Vinyl Fence Supply Company

The market for vinyl fences is wide-ranging, and not all suppliers are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right vinyl fence supply company in Coconut Creek:

  1. Product Range: A reputable supplier will offer a variety of vinyl fencing products, including different styles, colors, and accessories.
  2. Quality and Warranty: Always look for high-quality vinyl products backed by a comprehensive warranty.
  3. Customer Reviews: Check out customer testimonials and online reviews to gauge the reputation of the supplier.
  4. Local Expertise: Choose a company that understands the specific needs and regulations of Coconut Creek and South Florida at large.

Pro Tip: A good supply company will also offer installation guides and customer service to help you navigate your DIY project or find a professional installer.

Finding a Vinyl Fence Supply Store Near You in Coconut Creek

Geography matters, especially when you’re hauling heavy fencing materials. Finding a local vinyl fence supply store in Coconut Creek can save you both time and shipping costs. Local stores are also more adept at understanding the specific permitting regulations and environmental conditions of Coconut Creek, FL. A quick online search should yield a list of nearby suppliers, or you can ask for recommendations from neighbors or local contractors.

What’s the Difference Between a Vinyl Fence Company and a Fence Supply Store in Coconut Creek?

Though often used interchangeably, a vinyl fence company and a fence supply store serve different roles. In short, a fence company generally specializes in the full-service installation of fences — from consultation to execution. They often buy their materials from fence supply stores.

On the other hand, a fence supply store is a one-stop shop for all your fencing needs but generally doesn’t offer installation services. They provide the panels, gates, posts, and any other materials or hardware you may need for your fence. This is an ideal choice for the DIY enthusiast or the professional contractor who prefers to handle the installation process themselves.

By understanding these differences, you can make a more informed choice and better manage your fencing project in Coconut Creek, FL.

Best Vinyl Fencing Styles for Your Coconut Creek, FL Installation Project

Choosing the right style for your vinyl fence can significantly impact not only the curb appeal of your property but also its functionality. With Coconut Creek’s favorable yet fluctuating weather conditions, it’s essential to pick a vinyl fence that not only looks good but also stands the test of time. Let’s dive into some of the most popular styles of vinyl fencing and see which might be the best fit for your property.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Style

If you’re seeking maximum privacy and a barrier against noise and wind, a Vinyl Privacy Fence is the way to go. These fences come with panels that lock tightly together, leaving no gaps through which prying eyes might peek.

  • Pros: Maximum privacy, increased security, low maintenance
  • Cons: Limited airflow, can be more expensive
  • Ideal for: Backyards, swimming pools, property perimeters

This style is highly sought after for backyards and pool areas, offering seclusion without sacrificing style. Given Coconut Creek’s family-friendly neighborhoods and love for outdoor living, a privacy fence makes an excellent choice.

Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence Style

When you want to combine airflow with a certain degree of privacy, the Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence is your best bet. These designs often include slats with small gaps between them, or lattice designs that offer a decorative touch.

  • Pros: Moderate privacy, better airflow, decorative options
  • Cons: Less privacy than full privacy fences
  • Ideal for: Gardens, front yards, patios

For the Coconut Creek homeowner who enjoys the occasional garden party or BBQ, this style allows you to enjoy your outdoor activities without feeling too closed in.

Vinyl Picket Fence Style

For that classic, all-American look, you can’t go wrong with a Vinyl Picket Fence. While they don’t offer as much privacy, they excel in charm and are ideal for front yards and gardens.

  • Pros: Aesthetic appeal, traditional design, lower cost
  • Cons: Limited privacy and security
  • Ideal for: Front yards, decorative perimeters, gardens

Especially popular in Coconut Creek’s historical and suburban areas, picket fences offer a nostalgic but updated look that complements a wide range of home styles.

Vinyl Ranch Rail Style

If you’re going for a more rustic or spacious feel, particularly for larger properties or farms, a Vinyl Ranch Rail fence could be what you’re looking for. This style typically features two to four horizontal rails and is often chosen for its open and inviting layout.

  • Pros: Open design, easy to install, great for large areas
  • Cons: Limited security and privacy
  • Ideal for: Farms, large estates, boundary lines

Given the agricultural history and the diverse property sizes in Coconut Creek, ranch rail styles offer an attractive option for those with larger plots of land.

To sum up, Coconut Creek, FL offers a variety of settings and uses that could benefit from a vinyl fence. Your choice of style should hinge on your needs for privacy, the purpose of the fence, and the aesthetic look you wish to achieve. No matter what style you choose, vinyl offers a durable, low-maintenance option that stands up well to the South Florida climate.

Hardware and Accessories for Vinyl Fences and PVC Gates in Coconut Creek, FL

When it comes to installing or maintaining a vinyl fence in Coconut Creek, FL, the hardware and accessories you choose are just as crucial as the fence itself. Quality hardware ensures a sturdy, long-lasting fence that can withstand South Florida’s challenging weather conditions. So, let’s explore some of the essential hardware and accessories you’ll need for a successful vinyl fence or PVC gate project.

Vinyl Fence Hardware and Accessories

Rail End-Caps: These are essential for providing a clean finish to your fence rails. Without them, you risk both an incomplete look and the possibility of water getting into the rails, which could lead to premature wear.

Vinyl Fence Glue: A must-have for securely attaching caps and other accessories to your vinyl fence. This specialty glue is formulated to work with vinyl, providing a strong bond that lasts.

Concrete Post Mounts: For those who prefer a solid foundation, these mounts are your go-to. They’re particularly useful in Coconut Creek where hurricane winds can be a concern.

Hole Plugs: These come in handy when you need to fill unused holes in your vinyl fence, ensuring that your fence doesn’t become a home for pests or a gathering point for rainwater.

Vinyl Fence Post Caps: Available in a variety of styles like flat cap, gothic cap, New England cap, and federation cap, these not only add aesthetic appeal but also provide an extra layer of protection against water intrusion.

Vinyl Picket Caps: Depending on the style of fence you choose, you’ll need caps for the pickets. Sizes include 7/8” x 3”, 7/8” x 1.5”, and 1.5” x 1.5”. These help to finish off the look of the fence and also offer some added protection to the picket ends.

Takeaway: Quality hardware is essential for long-lasting results, especially in a challenging climate like South Florida. Opting for lesser quality materials can result in frequent repairs and a less-than-perfect appearance.

PVC Gate Hardware and Accessories

2” Wrap Around Gate Hinges: These provide superior stability for your PVC gates and are especially good for larger gates where added support is crucial.

Standard Vinyl Gate Hinges and Self-Closing Gate Hinges: These are essential for both functionality and safety. The self-closing option is particularly popular for pool gates or homes with small children or pets.

Standard and Double-Drive Gate Latches: Whether you need a simple latch or a double-drive option for more security, we’ve got you covered.

Drop-Rods, Gate Stops, and Handles: These accessories offer both functional and aesthetic finishing touches to your PVC gate setup.

Vinyl Gate Pool Extension Latches: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to pool areas. These extension latches offer an added layer of security, making it harder for children to open the gate.

D&D Manufacturer and Weldon Manufacturer: These are brands we trust and recommend for quality PVC gate hardware.

In Conclusion: Selecting the right hardware and accessories can make all the difference in your vinyl fencing project in Coconut Creek, FL. From adding aesthetic appeal to ensuring durability and safety, the right choices in hardware can dramatically elevate the quality of your fence or gate.

Vinyl Fences for Pools, Dogs, Pets, and Children in Coconut Creek, FL

In Coconut Creek, FL, outdoor living spaces are an essential part of the home. Whether you have a sparkling pool, a pet-friendly backyard, or a play area for children, a vinyl fence can serve as a stylish yet functional addition to your property. Let’s delve into why vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for securing various areas of your residential landscape.

Safety First: Vinyl Fencing for Pools

Safety is a top priority when it comes to swimming pools, especially in family homes. Vinyl fences are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide a secure boundary to prevent accidental entry. With options like self-closing and self-latching gates, you can add an extra layer of safety. Plus, vinyl is resilient to the chlorine and other chemicals often found in pool water, making it a durable choice for pool fencing in Coconut Creek.

Key Points:

  • Resilient to chlorine and other chemicals
  • Safety features like self-closing gates
  • High aesthetic appeal

Unleash the Fun: Fencing for Dogs and Pets

If you’re a pet owner, you understand the importance of a secure fence. Vinyl fencing is an excellent option for creating a pet-friendly outdoor space. It offers durability and low maintenance, which is ideal for withstanding the curiosity and sometimes mischievous behaviors of pets. You won’t have to worry about your dog digging under the fence or your cat climbing over it. Moreover, vinyl fences come in heights that deter pets from jumping over.


  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Resistant to scratching and staining
  • Available in various heights

Play Safe: Fencing for Children

Children love to play outdoors, and what better way to ensure their safety than by installing a vinyl fence around their play area? The smooth surface of vinyl fencing means there are no splinters or rough edges, making it a child-friendly option. You can also opt for a variety of colors to make the area more lively and inviting for your little ones.

Key Takeaway:

  • Smooth, child-friendly surface
  • Variety of color options
  • Enhances the safety of your outdoor play area

Why Vinyl Fences are a Perfect Fit for Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek is known for its excellent family-friendly amenities and outdoor activities. From pools to pet parks and children’s play areas, this community embraces outdoor living. And in such a setting, vinyl fences offer the perfect blend of safety, style, and durability. So, whether you’re trying to keep your pool area secure, provide a safe space for your pets to roam, or simply keep your children safe while they play outside, vinyl fencing is the reliable choice for any Coconut Creek resident.

In Conclusion: Vinyl fencing offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics, safety, and durability, making it the go-to option for various residential needs in Coconut Creek, FL. From securing your pool area to creating a safe haven for your pets and children, a vinyl fence adds both function and flair to your outdoor living space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Fencing in Coconut Creek, FL

As an experienced content creator for a top-tier vinyl fence supply shop in South Florida, I understand that our customers in Coconut Creek, FL, often have a variety of questions. Whether you’re new to vinyl fencing or looking to upgrade, here’s a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions tailored specifically to your Coconut Creek needs.

Do I Need a Permit to Install a Vinyl Fence in Coconut Creek, FL?

Absolutely, yes. Before installing any type of fence in Coconut Creek, it’s essential to obtain the required permits. It’s not just a legal necessity but also ensures that your fence meets local zoning laws and HOA regulations. Failure to secure a permit could result in fines or the removal of your fence.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Vinyl Fence in Coconut Creek, FL?

The cost can vary significantly based on several factors such as the length, height, and design features of your fence. However, vinyl fences are generally cost-effective, ranging from $20 to $40 per linear foot, including installation costs. Always request a detailed estimate from your vinyl fence supply company.

Can You Repair Your Vinyl Fence?

Certainly! Vinyl fences are known for their durability, but if damage occurs due to severe weather conditions or an accident, individual panels, posts, and pickets can often be replaced without having to overhaul the entire fence.

What Vinyl Fence Colors Do You Sell?

From classic white to rustic brown, we offer a variety of colors that can complement any home exterior or landscape. Custom colors are also available upon request.

Do Vinyl Fences Block Noise?

Vinyl fences do offer a certain level of noise reduction, especially the Vinyl Privacy Fence Style, which has tightly spaced boards. While they won’t completely soundproof your yard, they can significantly reduce street noise.

Are Your Vinyl Fence Posts Reinforced?

Yes, our vinyl fence posts are reinforced with metal or wood inserts to provide additional strength and stability. This is especially beneficial in Coconut Creek, where we often experience strong winds.

How Do You Clean a Vinyl Fence?

Cleaning a vinyl fence is remarkably easy. A simple mixture of soap and water is usually enough to remove common stains. For stubborn grime, a soft brush can be used. This makes maintenance a breeze compared to wood or metal fences.

Can You Install a Vinyl Fence on Top of Concrete?

Indeed, it is possible to install a vinyl fence on a concrete surface using concrete post mounts. It’s a straightforward process but requires specialized hardware and, often, professional installation.

What Is the Maximum Height of a Vinyl Fence in Coconut Creek, FL?

In Coconut Creek, the maximum height for residential fences generally ranges from 6 to 8 feet, depending on your specific zone and property type. Always check with local zoning regulations to be sure.

Are All Coconut Creek Vinyl Fences the Same?

Not at all. Vinyl fences come in a myriad of styles, designs, and colors. Additionally, the quality can differ based on the manufacturer. Always choose a reputable vinyl fence supply company in Coconut Creek for a durable, high-quality product.

In Summary: From acquiring permits to choosing styles and understanding maintenance, installing a vinyl fence in Coconut Creek involves several considerations. Rest assured, this investment will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provide a secure, low-maintenance boundary for years to come.

About Coconut Creek, FL: A Community That Values Quality and Aesthetics

Welcome to Coconut Creek, Florida, a picturesque community situated in the bustling South Florida region. With an approximate population of 60,000, Coconut Creek has been turning heads for all the right reasons. This thriving city isn’t just about numbers; it’s rich in history and natural beauty as well. Nestled between Miami and Palm Beach, the location offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and cosmopolitan excitement, making it an ideal spot for both residential and commercial purposes.

A Brief Dive into History and Geography

Coconut Creek gets its charming name from the coconut trees that were originally planted in the area by early developers, although the city doesn’t actually have a creek. Established as a city in 1967, Coconut Creek has evolved into a progressive, environmentally-conscious community. Geographically speaking, the city is favorably situated, being easily accessible from major highways, and in close proximity to airports and seaports. This convenient location not only adds to property value but also makes it a hotspot for businesses.

Where Business Thrives

Businesses here range from retail giants to innovative start-ups. The city houses the Promenade at Coconut Creek, an open-air shopping center that includes high-end retail shops, dining options, and entertainment venues. Additionally, the region is known for its top-rated schools and family-friendly amenities, all factors that contribute to making Coconut Creek a highly desirable location for business ventures. In fact, the area has seen steady growth in both residential and commercial real estate, making it ripe for opportunities, including those in the vinyl fencing industry.

Popular Communities in Coconut Creek

  • Winston Park – Known for its family-oriented environment and beautiful homes.
  • Centura Parc – A gated community offering a range of amenities, including a swimming pool and fitness center.
  • Regency Lakes – This community features various lakes and offers a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Hammock Estates – As the name suggests, this area is filled with lush landscapes and offers a range of housing options.
  • Estates of Lyons Gate – This community boasts luxury living and is home to some of the most opulent residences in the city.

Whether you reside in one of these popular communities or are considering a move to this beautiful city, one thing is clear: Coconut Creek values quality. And when it comes to fencing, nothing quite says quality like vinyl. With its low maintenance, durability, and aesthetic appeal, vinyl fencing fits right into the lifestyle and values of Coconut Creek residents.

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