Vinyl Fence Guide

Everything you need to know about vinyl fence in South Florida

In South Florida, vinyl fence is the best choice for most residential fencing projects. Since PVC fence profiles are easily customized, you can achieve virtually any wood or metal fence style in a far more sustainable and attractive way.

For example, you can surround your back yard with a vinyl privacy fence, and then enclose your front yard with a vinyl picket fence. This is especially useful here in South Florida as properties can be very close together.

Continue reading for a brief guide on the vinyl fence process for South Florida homeowners.

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How to plan your South Florida vinyl fence project

1. Measure your fence & gate areas

Inspect your survey or use a measuring tape to accurately capture the length of each fence line. Draw out each fence line on a piece of graphing paper and then record the amount of footage measured next to the corresponding line on your drawing.

You will also need to give careful consideration to the location and dimension of gates on your project. Welded PVC gates can be as small as two feet or as large as twelve feet. Because of this, you should assess your entrance needs and mark down the desired width of your gates as well as the location during this part of the planning process.

2. Contact us to start planning

Once you have your measurements recorded on your project drawing, you will then need to consult our industry professionals to ensure that you understand the building code limitations of your county, city, and exact property location.

By sending us your drawing, along with a description of your location and your project requirements, we can easily inform you of all your available options. We fully understand the code requirements in all South Florida counties including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach.

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3. Obtain your permit & other prerequisites

All new vinyl fences installed in South Florida must be permitted prior to installation. You will need to contact your specific county, city, town, or village in order to find out exactly what your municipality requires from you, but all permits will require these things:

  1. A current copy of your property survey
  2. Product engineering documents
  3. Notice of commencement (project cost above $1500)
  4. Property information (available on property appraiser website)
  5. Project description

We provide engineering documents that are required during the permitting process. Please contact us to learn more about this.

If you’re located in Miami-Dade county, you will need to use our NOA approved product click here to see documentation: VEKA Notice of Acceptance Paperwork

4. Determine means of installation

When making the decision of who will install your fencing materials, consider these two options:

Do it yourself

It is within the realm of possibility to install your own vinyl fence. Our project managers will be able to guide you in this endeavor with tips and tricks that will make the process simple.

** Note that installing your own PVC fence will require certain tools and a knowledge of entry level construction techniques.

Hire an installation company

If you do not have the time, know-how, or desire to install your own fence, then you should hire a licensed South Florida fence installation company to handle your project for you.

This company may let you purchase the materials directly through us, or they may purchase the materials for you and include it in your job cost.

There are many highly rated local companies, we may be able to refer you to these companies; contact us to find out more.

5. Complete your project

Once you’ve determined what materials you need, you’ve obtained your permit, and you’ve decided on installation method, you can then purchase your fencing materials and have them delivered to your project location.

Should you need any additional parts or information during the installation process, feel free to contact us.

Upon completion of fence installation, you will need to schedule your final inspection, or ask your installation company to schedule it for you.

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