Guide to Vinyl Fence in Palm Beach County

A new fence can be an exciting home improvement project. With the proper care and maintenance, a PVC Fence can last a lifetime. As exciting as this project can be, the permitting process can be such a confusing one to go through but it is required by all cities within Palm Beach County. In this article we will help simplify your permitting process so you can pull your own permit for PVC fence.

Most people truly underestimate the work that goes into pulling a permit, which is why most fence companies charge for pulling a permit or won’t even offer the service. Through piles of papers and scheduled fees and inspections, it can be a grueling task. Here at PVC Fence Wholesale, we have an array of styles to choose from. All of our offered styles have a corresponding engineering document. We have our own engineer that makes our drawings and sells to the public as well. Most cities require a paper set, while some accept the digitally signed copy. Here at Fence Wholesale, we offer only the paper set.

Most cities (if not all) have a checklist available from the county or city website about the specific documents and fees there may be for opening a fence permit. While there may be a page or two that is specific to each city, the paperwork, for most cities in Palm Beach County require the same steps and documents to achieve an open fence permit.

Below will be a guide to help you pull your own fence permit in Palm Beach County. Please always reference the codes and regulations for your specific city, in order to avoid unnecessary fees or delayed permit application reviews and changes.

The first step is to visit your specific city’s building and municipalities department or department website to download the checklist for your permit. This checklist is going to be exactly what your city wants you to submit. Most cities require more than one identical copy of everything requested in this checklist. (Such as 2 identical copies of a marked survey) The next step is to familiarize yourself with the fees schedule for your city, so you are aware of the costs of permitting fees and have everything paid for and submitted by the city deadline.

The permitting process can be very lengthy, given the current circumstances. It’s best to gather all the documents you may need to petition for a permit beforehand. Also be sure to fully fill out the permit application and any affidavits you require for your project. These documents vary from city to city in Palm Beach County, (some may require drainage easement agreements or even buried cable maps, aka utility easements) Though these additional papers may take longer to obtain, they are important parts of ensuring your fence is going in a safe and considerate location. This prevents accidental cable destruction and ensures the city has access to the utilities and waterways in any event after your fence installation is complete. It is also recommended to flag any and all sprinkler lines before digging and to be cautious when digging around sprinkler heads and lines. This will be the homeowners task as to avoid any accidental destruction.

Below is a brief list of example documents that may be required.

Some of the most common documents for fence permitting in Palm Beach County include (but aren’t limited to):

● A survey of the property with clear markings to show fence placement

● Sign and sealed engineering drawings for the PVC Fence Style Requested

● Permit application

● Any easement agreements (Buried cable, waterways..etc.)

● Notice Of Commencement

● Owner/Builder affidavit

● Pool Barrier affidavit (if applicable)

● Letter of Approval (for HOAs)

Our products are made in America and produced by high-end extrusion companies that have been certified in Miami to hold an NOA (Notice of Acceptance) for the wind load requirements in HVHZ zones. Our posts are also strong enough that they do not require and insert of any kind in order to support the fence. (We do recommend an aluminum insert for any gate posts, which we have available in our shop.

Though things may seem confusing and difficult, the city permitting website will help guide you and, oftentimes, you can reach out to your city’s building department for further answers and guidance. The county of Palm Beach will also provide valuable resources and explanations in this process, as well as the building codes and fence regulations.

Our office offers all of the engineering drawings you will need to pull your permit and can help you make sense of this whole process, so you can finish the hard work and enjoy your new PVC Fence. If you have any questions, please call the office during office hours, or visit our website and view the resources page for the Palm Beach area.

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