Guide to Vinyl Fence in Broward County

PVC Fence Wholesale is one of the largest PVC suppliers in South Florida. Take a look around your neighborhood, and there’s a chance the PVC Fence you admire, came from our shop in Dania Beach. We have a large array of styles to choose from, all on display in our Showroom. Located in Dania Beach, right on Stirling Road, our shop is open 7:30am-4:00pm on Monday through Friday, and we welcome homeowners and contractors alike! With samples of all materials for our customers, as well as brochures and display example pieces, we have nothing to hide about our product. We even have engineering drawings for all fence styles for you to submit to your city when pulling permits. Our manufacturers are leading extruders of PVC Fence materials in America and offer a variety of color options, including wood grain. All of their fence products are made in America and backed by a limited lifetime warranty!

We service all cities in Broward County, offering delivery to select South Florida areas.

Broward County is part of the Hurricane Zone, meaning that there are more hurricane-force winds and experience more direct storms during hurricane season. This is something to consider when looking to buy a vinyl fence. In Broward, fence panels widths cannot exceed more than 6 feet between posts. All posts must be buried 2 feet in the ground. Though our PVC Fence product is light, it is strong enough to withstand hurricane winds and is designed to have the pickets blow out in the case of gusts. This is a very considerate design due to the fact that the pickets are not only the easiest to replace but also the cheapest too! Our most wind-friendly styles consist of picket styles, as well as semi-private styles, and even lattice styles. Though we sell wholesale, we also sell retail. We have all the materials (except concrete) for repair jobs all the way to full-blown projects.

Throughout South Florida, we have sold thousands of fences and fence products. Another great addition to your new fence could be upgrading your flat post caps to decorative or even light caps! We have several different post caps available, with some color options. Lots of people enjoy the two tone look. Many gallery pictures exist on our website from real customers like you! Showing off their beautiful projects.

In addition to the beautiful fence styles, we also custom make gates to match! Our gates and hand crafted by an experienced team with the help of top of the line machinery. We can make almost any size swing gate imaginable! (Following Broward County Hurricane Zone guidelines, our gates do not exceed 6 feet in width for a single gate, or a 12 foot double swing gate.)

Another thing to consider when looking for a fence in Broward County is the permitting process. While every city has their own specific documents and regulations, throughout Broward is mostly uniform for fence codes. Permitting can be a daunting task. Not only is it confusing and time consuming, it can also be a hassle if your city requires easement agreements or corrections during your permitting process. It’s best to visit the city website or the building department for your city to obtain the permitting checklist. This checklist is also available on the Broward County page for permitting and codes.

It’s very important to read up and understand the regulations around fencing in your area in order to avoid incurring fees or failing inspections. Failed inspections will require more time and money on your part and will inhibit your permit from closing. Installing the wrong style of fence can be a costly mistake, as some cities regulate the styles accepted. Coral Springs and Sunrise are good examples of this type of restriction. Unfortunately, many choose to bypass permitting and do the project without understanding the requirements. This may lead to fines from the city and inevitably force you to pull a permit as a result. Play it safe and tackle the permit. However, most cities in Broward do not require a permit for jobs totalling less than $1500. Always consult your city about any improvement work in order to save time and hassle.

Permitting in Broward can require a lot of paperwork. Broward County requires an Environmental Review Approval for all building permits. Some other required documents may include but are not limited to:

● Zoning Affidavit

● Two copies of site plans for the fence project

● Any easement agreements (examples include utility easements for buried cables and waterways)

● Homeowners Affidavit

Permit application

● Product approvals (our engineers drawings cover this!)

Though it may seem difficult to navigate, your city’s building and municipalities departments will be able to help answer any questions we cannot.

Broward County is a beautiful place to reside. A new PVC Fence is a beautiful addition to any home and with the proper care and maintenance may last a lifetime! Backed by our manufacturer’s Limited lifetime warranty, your fence will stay beautiful for decades. If you need help making decisions, or are lost in this mess of paperwork we are here to help. We welcome homeowners and contractors alike and can’t wait to assist you with your fence project in Broward County.

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