About vinyl fence

What is PVC vinyl fence?

Vinyl fence is a form of plastic fence made with polyvinyl chloride or PVC. The PVC is then combined with other ingredients which add strength, durability and weather-ability.

How long has vinyl fence been around?

Originally developed for use in horse fence, vinyl fence has been around for over 40 years and is currently the fastest growing division of the fencing industry.

How strong is PVC vinyl fence?

Vinyl fence, unlike wood and chain link, has a certain degree of flexibility. This flexibility, combined with specific chemical compounds, allow vinyl fence to withstand anything from the small impact of lawn care and children, to the larger impacts of  tropical storms and hurricanes.

Why choose PVC vinyl fence over wood or metal fence?

When comparing vinyl fence to wood or other types of fence, first consider your initial costs. Wood fence typically has a lower initial cost, but a PVC fence will last much longer and require almost no maintenance. No staining is needed, and no rotting boards to replace or fix. Typically, a light rinse with water will do the trick once or twice a year. Consider the sustainability of vinyl and the ease of maintenance, and the benefits of PVC fences are obvious. Your fence will look every bit as beautiful as the day you had it installed for many years to come.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your property, do yourself a favor and install the highest quality PVC vinyl fence – you’ll be happy you did.

Is vinyl fence safe for the environment?

The manufacturers of our vinyl fence products have gone to great lengths to ensure that their materials are incredibly safe for the environment. Not only does vinyl fence conserve forests, but it will outlast wood fences by at least 2 to 3 conventional installations, which minimizes the wood needed for installations in the future.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has the lowest petroleum content of any plastic, making vinyl fence’s carbon footprint extremely small.

How does vinyl fence stand up over time?

We currently offer, by far, the highest quality product in the vinyl fencing industry. Many popular home improvement stores carry various forms of panels and posts that represent the lowest-grade product currently available on the market. We, however, go out of our way to ensure that you are provided with the highest grade of materials offered anywhere in the country. When you buy from us, you know you are purchasing top-of-the-line fencing, at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl fences are meant to last a lifetime. Our manufacturers cover all of our fence panels and posts with a limited lifetime warranty. Of course, you should expect to pay more for the best possible product, right? Not here. Our products exceed every single tier of industry standards currently in place for vinyl fencing. And we provide them at prices that beat any and all of our competition. Simply put, you get the best product, at the cheapest price – every time.

Can I install a vinyl fence myself?

Of course! Vinyl fences are made to snap together and are incredibly easy to install by yourself. However, to ensure that your fence comes out perfect we recommend to have a licensed and insured contractor handle the installation. It’s always recommended to obtain the necessary documentation in order to ensure that your fence passes your particular city’s specified code. We provide all of the required documents that you’ll need to do so.

How can I determine how much material I will need?

All you need to do is send us a simple drawing with labeled footage and we’ll provide you with a full material list at no cost.

How is PVC vinyl fence installed?

The process of installing a vinyl fence is quite simple.

  1. First, 24″ holes are dug 6 feet apart.
  2. Next, the holes are filled with concrete, and the posts are set within the holes.
  3. Then, the bottom rail is snapped into place
  4. After, the pickets are place into the bottom rail.
  5. Lastly, the top rail is snapped into place.

How long will it take to fabricate and deliver my new fence?

Our standard stock items are always available and ready to ship straight to your home. The more custom a fence is, the more time it takes to fabricate all the necessary component pieces, however it never takes more than a couple days to receive your order – no matter how complicated. We pride ourselves on our capability to provide the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time possible.

How do you maintain a PVC vinyl fence?

Maintaining your new vinyl fence is extremely simple. Most of the time, just hosing it down is more than enough to clean off any dirt. However, it’s sometimes necessary to use lacquer thinner to remove any stubborn residue or dirt.

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